The Homecoming (FSOE 800 Anthem)
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Ahmed Romel & Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif - The Homecoming (FSOE 800 Anthem)

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Title: The Homecoming (FSOE 800 Anthem)
Label: FSOE
Catalog: FSOE747
Released: 15.09.2023
Type: Single
As our journey continues that has taken us to a new age, from Kingdom to Kingdom, we have opened The Chronicles, we have visited A World Beyond, we have stood the test of the Sands of Time, we have seen The Phoenix rise again, and along with our Kings & Queens we now embark on a journey that brings us together as one, for our Homecoming. We present to you FSOE 800. This years anthem is created by Ahmed Romel, Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif who will perform alongside Above & Beyond on their Egyptian debut, Aly & Fila, Das Pharaoh (Egypt Debut) & Paul Thomas, in front of the Great Pyramids of
1. The Homecoming (FSOE 800 Anthem) 03:29
2. The Homecoming (FSOE 800 Anthem) (Extended Mix) 06:41
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