Never Enough
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Modera & Hessian & Tailor - Never Enough

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Artist: Modera, Hessian, Tailor
Title: Never Enough
Catalog: ENCOLOR453E
Released: 22.09.2023
Type: Single
'Never Enough' is here from the powerhouse trio of Modera, Hessian and Tailor. The sixth single to come from Modera's forthcoming album on Colorize is a sublime collaboration that sees three of the most celebrated acts in the world of melodic house music come together. Modera, the duo of Caleb and Evan, are joined by Hessian on production duties and Tailor serves up a truly magnificent vocal performance. The result is a moving production with a rigorous energy, propelled by a punchy bass groove and layered with expansive strings and soothing melodics.
1. Modera & Hessian & Tailor - Never Enough (Extended Mix) 5:04

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