Shooting Shot
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Jaydee - Shooting Shot

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Artist: Jaydee
Title: Shooting Shot
Catalog: BCD2023581
Released: 03.11.2023
Type: EP
Genre: Electronic, Techno
01 - Shooting Shot (Sunshine Mix) 7:51
02 - Shooting Shot (Dark Room Mix) 7:30
03 - Shooting Shot (Bonzai All Stars Remix) 7:08

Jaydee, the renowned Dutch DJ and internationally celebrated producer, returns to Bonzai Progressive with his latest creation, 'Shooting Shot'. With a legacy deeply intertwined with the world of electronic dance music, Jaydee's name first entered the spotlight in 1992 with his groundbreaking track 'Plastic Dreams,' a masterpiece that still holds its place as a unique and timeless classic, remaining one of the most remixed tracks in the history of house music. Throughout the decades, he has consistently demonstrated his prowess in both music production and DJing, maintaining his influence and relevance in the industry up to the present day. In recent years, he has graced us with a series of exceptional releases, and we've no doubt there's much more to come. Great to have him back once again. The Sunshine Mix opens the release and delivers a much deeper groove with a focus on that superb rolling bassline. Minimal in its nature, the track is dotted with quirky plucks and multiple FX alongside a melodic sequence that contrast effortlessly with the deeper elements. The groove builds relentlessly, forcing you to move, and that's just how we like it. Up next, the Dark Room Mix heralds in a solid mover thanks to a Moroder-esque bassline that quickly infects the mind and body. Chunky beats and rhythmic percussions lay the foundations for a rip-roaring ride into the deeper echelons of arena bangers. Minimal in its design with inviting spoken vocals scattered throughout, the groove is beautifully repetitive and captivating and highly addictive. Rounding out the release on remix duties, we have the dynamic duo and all-round festival and club hellraisers, Bonzai All Stars, twiddling the knobs to inject a slice of their upfront and energetic style into the composition. The guys continue to leave a trail of joyful dancefloor destruction in their wake, and with a hectic schedule such as they have, we wonder how they find time for the studio, but we're delighted they do so we can enjoy their genius at work on the floors. Here the guys get to work beefing up the insanely infectious bassline which doubles up as the main hook. Pumping drums and scathing 303 lines combine brilliantly and contribute heavily to the chaos that ensues. An absolute monster of a tune, no doubt.
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