Memories (Remixes)
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Sunlounger & Inger Hansen - Memories (Remixes)

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Title: Memories (Remixes)
Label: FSOE
Catalog: FSOE762
Released: 10.11.2023
Type: Single
Taking a trip down memory lane with some fresh remixes of 'Memories' with the vocal of Inger Hansen, taken from Sunlounger's 'Sunsets & Bonfires' chill out album. Ciaran McAuley's remix adds a fiery touch, igniting the dancefloor with its euphoric energy, while Noah Shah's remix presents a fresh perspective, infusing his own unique style into this trance masterpiece. Noah Shah is none other than Roger Shah's son, who makes his debut on FSOE. Witness the magic as this talented artist puts his touch on his fathers art to create a musical memory that will be etched in your heart forever.
1. Memories (Ciaran McAuley Remix) 03:20
2. Memories (Noah Shah Remix) 03:48
3. Memories (Ciaran McAuley Extended Remix) 06:12
4. Memories (Noah Shah Extended Remix) 07:48
11 Nov 2023 в 19:28
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