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One Million Eyes - Iris

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Title: Iris
Released: 10.11.2023
Type: Album
1.Tangeri 04:10
2.Kettelsoul 04:36
3.Look Up 06:24
4.Deserto 03:19
5.Sarakiniko 02:59
6.Cante Jondo 03:36
7.Maori 04:17
8.Samovar 05:21
9.Cambiasso 06:30
10.Sine Fine 04:06

Following their 2021 debut album, ‘Brama’, One Million Eyes return with their highly anticipated second album, ‘Iris’, set to captivate us once more through a kaleidoscope of analog and instrumental fragments.
The inspiration behind the album was born from a powerful symbol—the iris of the eye. Controlling the inflow of light, the iris mirrors the duo's mission for the album, “letting light in, even in the darkest of times”. Representing an attempt to shed new insight on their sometimes indescribable approach, Paolo and Luciano compare the ambition (and consequent imperfections) throughout their music to that of the imperfect, yet unique array of color found within an iris, in the hope it can completely entrance and mesmerize. With much of the album recorded live, ‘Iris’ marks a refined evolution in the One Million Eyes sound born under their Tempelhof guise many years ago. Infusing organic sound elements such as voice fragments, acoustic guitar lines, and drum beats at the forefront of their compositions, their vast array of analog synthesizers once again provide added depth and warmth, resulting in majestic, hypnotic circular motifs that Paolo and Luciano describe as "Mantras, rising and falling in volume and intensity." Mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri, and featuring artwork by Ventral Is Golden, ‘Iris’ will be available on November 10th, on deep green vinyl, digital, and streaming.
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