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36 - Ablyss

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Artist: 36
Title: Ablyss
Catalog: 3SIXCD015
Released: 02.11.2023
Type: Album
1.Moiré Tide 04:57
2.Caretaker Generation 04:31
3.Blue Zone 04:33
4.Coma Stories 04:28
5.Left Behind 04:30
6.Ablyss 04:36
7.Dark Forest 04:17
8.Wibsey 93 04:40
9.Aging Faces 04:02
10.Interloper 04:00
11.Grey Rainbow 04:36
12.Circa 04:26
13.Off-Grid 04:02
14.Peaceful Moments 04:41
15.Change With You 04:24
16.Black Ivory 04:38
17.Celestial Annihilation 04:25
18.Graceful Exit 04:32
19.Outsider 04:14
20.Rogue Program 04:28
21.Through The Other Side 04:28

Loops have always been at the very center of everything I've ever made. They are the beginning and the end of my music. I'm obsessed with the idea of creating something you can play for 60 seconds or 60 minutes, where the listener enters that hypnotic flow state, where you become detached from time and space. While compositionally, these are perfect loops, it's worth noting that the production chain naturally created so called imperfections, which will sometimes become audible. These could be simple wow/flutter artifacts from tape, or slight changes in dynamics from the compressor. Maybe nothing actually changes at all and it's simply your ears discovering new sounds within the loop?
To be very clear, these are absolutely not unfinished ideas, sketches, nor are they the foundation for anything more than what they already are. They exist purely on their own terms, within their own space. Feel free to get lost in them whenever you need them.
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