Un/limited Love
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George Riley - Un/limited Love

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Artist: George Riley
Title: Un/limited Love
Label: Ninja Tune
Catalog: ZENDNLS647
Released: 10.11.2023
Type: EP
01. Lust 02:08
02. Skin 02:38
03. Elixir 03:55
04. Star 03:23
05. George Riley & Hudson Mohawke - S e x 03:01
06. Satisfy You 03:27

George Riley is one of London’s most unstoppable R&B forces. Through a progressive sound that encapsulates soul, forward thinking electronics, ambience and so much more, Riley has, over the space of two critically acclaimed projects in interest rates, a tape and Running In Waves, carved an abstract yet wholly relatable niche within London’s thriving music scene. Collaborating with Anz on a club-pop modern classic in the form of ‘You Could Be’, Riley’s capabilities to be able to cross over into a more mainstream leaning space without sacrificing any of the left-of-centre creativity that has become her staple has always been clear, but today with brand new single ‘Elixir’, as well as the news that she has signed to legendary electronic label Ninja Tune for a new EP titled Un/limited Love (due for release on 10th November 2023), Riley’s emergence from her chrysalis a fully fledged crossover proposition has been realised.
Produced by Nick Sylvester (Channel Tres/Yaeji), ‘Elixir’ places Riley as a new age house diva, exploring the reviving properties of new love in her own soulful yet playful tone. Set to a bed of throbbing, old-school house inspired production, softly-set keys and gradually emerging synths, ‘Elixir’ represents Riley’s prowess over sunkissed, gently shimmering instrumentation; a sharp left turn from her previous project, Running In Waves. If that release was Riley at her most introspective, ‘Elixir’ is the sound of Riley celebrating the giddiness of love and life at its most bright and beautiful.
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