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Shyisma & Neutro - Neuroplasticity

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Artist: Shyisma, Neutro
Title: Neuroplasticity
Label: Iono Music
Catalog: INM1DIGI798
Released: 13.11.2023
Type: EP
Out next in Iono Music is a new Release called "Neuroplasticity" by Shyisma. The release contains 2 tracks that are a mind-altering journey through sound. First one is a collaboration with Neutro called "Magic Land" full on enchanted melodies, powerful basslines and dynamic. The second track is a solo one called "Neuroplasticity" which invites us to have a trully journey inside the progressive beats where the music and your neural pathways merge to create an unforgettable experience.
1. Magic Land 06:38
2. Neuroplasticity 06:41
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