Reflections 07
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VA - Reflections 07

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Artist: VA
Title: Reflections 07
Label: Reflections
Catalog: ANJREF050BD
Released: 13.11.2023
Type: EP
Championing a new wave of emerging talent, Reflections presents the seventh instalment of their various artist EP series on the label.
Egyptian-born producer and environmental scientist, Nourey makes her debut on the label with a stunning neo-classical composition ’To Where Dreams Are’, which features a lullaby of mellow horns, piano and enchanting strings. Followed up by Glaswegian Emmy-award winning composer / producer Turtle, and his dreamy production ‘Falls of Avich’ that intertwines ambient synths and gentle piano motifs.
Balearic legend Steve Miller aka Afterlife, presents the third track on the EP. Known for his iconic chill out sets in Ibiza since the early 90s, Miller has been a prominent figure in the electronic music scene, contributing to numerous Café Del Mar compilations as well as a sought after remixer working with the likes of Sinead O’Connor, Roger Sanchez and Lana Del Rey. Here he delivers a fine tuned atmospheric, meditative composition ‘Wide Awake’.
Next up on the EP is a debut from Scottish producer and composer Faodail, meaning ‘a lucky find’ in Gaelic, who weaves soft percussive elements with melodic synths on his new track ‘Entangled’. Closing the project is Tokyo-based sound artist Yui Onodera with ‘IZUMO', a soothing composition of electro-acoustic elements and field recordings that create a delicate soundscape.

1. Nourey - To Where Dreams Are 4:06
2. Turtle - Falls Of Avich 1:49
3. Afterlife - Wide Awake 4:03
4. Faodail - Entangled 3:04
5. Yui Onodera - IZUMO 4:41

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