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Braincell & Silent Sphere - Sleepwalkers

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Title: Sleepwalkers
Label: Iboga Records
Released: 13.11.2023
Type: Single
Several years ago, a spontaneous surge of creativity blossomed in the studio of Silent Sphere. Joined by Braincell, we embarked on a dynamic and productive journey of track production. With the foundation of the track already laid, Braincell integrated his modular rack, infusing the track with his effervescent, hypnotic sounds in just a matter of minutes. Some might say we merely jammed, but that jam session breathed life into the missing elements of our creation, giving birth to the track in its nascent form. After resonating through various performances and undergoing refinements, the track now resonates with the exact vibrancy and essence we envisioned. Defining music in words is always a challenge, but here's an essence of our creation: Close your eyes and imagine lying on soft, embracing moss in a forest. Nature radiates rhythmic pulses of life around, and as the wind weaves melodies through rustling leaves, a call to dance reverberates through the soul, reflecting the transformative energy found on the dance floor. We present this harmonized confluence of Silent Sphere and Braincell energies, anticipating it to be a transcendent addition to the realms of psytrance.
01. Braincell, Silent Sphere - Sleepwalkers (Original mix) [06:42]

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