Love, Rave, Techno
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Matrick & J2 & Nahthexen - Love, Rave, Techno

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Artist: Matrick, J2, Nahthexen
Title: Love, Rave, Techno
Catalog: RA286
Released: 17.11.2023
Type: Single
It's time for the floor filling, big room behemoth you've been waiting for! Slamming basslines, acid licks, screaming synth stabs, epic melodies and deafening drops! RA mainstay MatricK, joined by J2 and Nahthexen deliver an absolute belter! It's time for Love, Rave, Techno!
1. MatricK, J2, Nahthexen - Love, Rave, Techno (Extended Mix) 4:51

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