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Solee - Krake

Rating: 4.5 Votes: 15
Artist: Solee
Title: Krake
Catalog: FUR021
Released: 17.11.2023
Type: Single
Solee´s new single "Krake" is nothing short of a sonic masterpiece that seamlessly blends melodic depth with an irresistible acid influence, creating an immersive dancefloor experience, a captivating journey into acid-infused club bliss! From the very first beat, "Krake" wraps its tentacles around you, and won´t let you go. The tracks arrangement is a testament to Solees mastery of his craft. Each element is precisely placed, building tension and anticipation as the track progresses. A deep club smasher with all the right ingredients to make people dance, and it does so with style, finesse, and a touch of musical
[6:27] 1. Solee - Krake

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Неплохо. Такие синты ок
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