Green Fairy
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Uncloak - Green Fairy

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Artist: Uncloak
Title: Green Fairy
Catalog: TM175
Released: 17.11.2023
Type: EP
Prepare to embark on an ethereal odyssey as Uncloak returns to the hallowed grounds of Timeless Moment's main label with the spellbinding "Green Fairy" EP. This musical masterpiece invites you to explore the innermost recesses of your soul, guided by the transcendent lyricism woven into the very fabric of its creation. The EP opens with the title track, "Green Fairy," a hypnotic voyage into the realms of progressive techno. This immersive soundscape is adorned with clandestine industrial percussive elements, gritty synth lines, and ever-evolving FX that beckon to your deepest introspection. The hushed, whispered vocals sang by Cris, reminiscent of ancient spiritual incantations, unite with a melodic paradigm shift after the breakdown, enveloping the listener in profound emotion. It's a true masterpiece, destined to echo through the ages. As this auditory journey continues, we are graced with "Translunar," an epic progressive odyssey to the moon. With deep, emotion-laden arpeggiated harmonies, this track catapults you into a trance-like state, reminiscent of the awe-inspiring soundscapes of the golden age of '90s trance music. A cosmic reverie awaits, closing your eyes, as you envision yourself floating in space, headed toward the moon, another galaxy or your inner subconscious thoughts. Here Cris whispered vocals shine once more, delivering a message of deep cosmic introspection. This release is a testament to Uncloak's undeniable talent, a testament to their genius in each melody composed, infectious in every note played, and profoundly emotional in every word spoken through the language of music. In essence, it is simply timeless
[7:22] 1. Uncloak - Green Fairy (Original Mix)
[7:48] 2. Uncloak - Translunar (Original Mix)

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