Waterways [The Remixes]
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Pouls3n - Waterways [The Remixes]

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Artist: Pouls3n
Title: Waterways [The Remixes]
Catalog: SYC172
Released: 17.11.2023
Type: EP
It's time we welcome back new talent Pouls3n in remixed form once again, as its second track released not long ago, Waterways, gets refashioned by two melodic heavyweight acts. First up we have Mark & Lukas putting an emotional spin on their remake, deepening the emotional take the listener has. Turning up the bpm bar higher but keeping things equally engaging, Nipika's remix fires on all sun-drenched cilinders whilst remaining in chill territory. Re-experience Pouls3n's Waterways by taking the voyage with Mark & Lukas and Nipika.
1. Pouls3n - Waterways (Mark & Lukas Remix) 7:05
2. Pouls3n - Waterways (Nipika Remix) 8:17

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