Burnin Scientists
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Burn In Noise & GMS - Burnin Scientists

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Artist: Burn In Noise, GMS
Title: Burnin Scientists
Label: Nano Records
Catalog: NANODIGI345
Released: 17.11.2023
Type: Single
One of the most anticipated tracks on the upcoming Burn in Noise album is the 7th single, 'Burnin Scientists'. This track features a collaboration between Burn in Noise and the legendary GMS. This high-octane track is a powerful blend of the two artists' styles, and is already well tested in both acts live-sets, proving to be a massive dance-floor blaster! With all the singles from the new Burn in Noise album titled 'Burn in Noise e Amigos' nearly all released, the final moments are drawing nearer to show the world just how much power there is in this amazing series of collaborations
01. Burn in Noise & GMS - Burnin Scientists (Original Mix) [07:46]

22 Nov 2023 в 09:02
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28 Nov 2023 в 19:59
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