The World Is On Quarantine
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Dktronic - The World Is On Quarantine

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Artist: Dktronic
Title: The World Is On Quarantine
Catalog: STREP150
Released: 17.11.2023
Type: Single
In response to the global pandemic that has affected the planet, it is undeniable that our world has entered a state of widespread quarantine. Countries on all continents have implemented strict social distancing measures and other actions. In this challenging scenario, this song came to express solidarity and bring hope to everyone. An expressive feeling of love and comfort to provide inspiration and strength in difficult times. As the music echoes in our hearts, we remember that, even in the midst of uncertainty, the strength of humanity has always prevailed through unity and respect. This way we were able to overcome this struggle and emerge stronger.
01. Dktronic - The World Is On Quarantine (Original Mix) [07:28]

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