Memories From the Future EP
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Malandra Jr. & Boom Buzz - Memories From the Future EP

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Title: Memories From the Future EP
Catalog: WGDIG030D
Released: 17.11.2023
Type: EP
A new Watergate Records EP debutant steps up, as Malandra Jr. shares the first class 'Memories from the Future'. The Italian artist previously featured on the label via a tight remix of JAMIIE'S 'Voices' last year and has been on the crew's radar ever since. His maiden three-tracker is a glistening trip through cosmic progressive, soaring vocal driven compositions, fleet-footed dusty rhythms and rolling grooves made for both peak and closing moments. The title track is a transcendental gem, building with dramatic intensity as it uncoils over a sublime six minutes, led by a vocal crafted for big moments. 'Automatik' is crushing electro made for outdoor party scenarios, which isn't afraid to get a little weird. A handy tool for adding spice to any set. 'The Wall Era' feat. Boom Buzz is another beast, built upon the bricks of a multitude of chopped up samples and a wicked acid line in the track's final stanza, which feels both tribal and psychedelic, without ever being either. A thrilling cut.
[6:11] 1. Malandra Jr. - Memories From the Future
[5:46] 2. Malandra Jr. - Automatik
[4:50] 3. Malandra Jr. & Boom Buzz - The Wall Era
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