Family & Friends, Vol. 6
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VA - Family & Friends, Vol. 6

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Artist: VA
Title: Family & Friends, Vol. 6
Catalog: DH135
Released: 17.11.2023
Type: Compilation
One of Desert Hearts Records' most beloved formats is back! With Family & Friends, Vol. 6 we introduce and reintroduce some of our favourite artists and their newest music. Setting it all off are our good friends Mat.Joe and Otistic with the groove loaded "Concussion". A dirty bassline and funky synths give us just the right vibe for the night. We are happy to see Ocean Roulette back in town with his brand new tune "Phyllis". House inspired chords meet an incredibly catchy groove, creating a smooth and playful style. David Paul joins the Desert Hearts family for the first time with "Pump the Funk". The tune is a loaded ball of energy with chopped vocals, wild percussions and a funky bassline giving off some proper vibes. Taking control of the music-verse next is Revel Yelle. Also premiering on the label he serves us a juicy slice of pumping groove with a side of heavy bass and on point percussions. Cutting through at half-time, Wet Velvet joins the fun with his more minimal "Break this Beat". He introduces himself with a bouncy tune made up off detailed and crafty drum work. The track builds up some solid momentum in the break, introducing that heavy hitting bass when the drop kicks in. Up next is Color.Love with her track "Roller". Crafty synths swoop the grounds and build some tension while quirky elements bounce off the catchy groove. Nik Thrine's "The One" is an ode to late nights and slow mornings with a shimmering synth soundscape and breaky beat. The beautiful vocal and supporting chorus build up the atmospheric journey, and we are here for it. Last but definitely not least, Sunday Noise and Ben Finx give us an energetic infusion with their track "Green Cows". The deep groove drives forward with smooth percussive work and laid back vocals, excellently rounding up the release with a vibe. The release gives us a phenomenal collection of tracks where all the artists showcase their characteristic style and energy. We can't wait to get these gems out to the dance floors across the globe. Enjoy our new Family & Friends, Vol. 6.
[6:47] 1. Mat.Joe & Otistic - Concussion
[6:29] 2. Ocean Roulette - Phyllis
[6:33] 3. David Paul - Pump Up the Funk
[4:11] 4. Revel Yelle - Too Late, Heartbreak
[5:38] 5. Wet Velvet - Break This Beat
[4:33] 6. COLOR.LOVE - Roller
[6:30] 7. Nik Thrine - The One
[5:55] 8. Ben Finx & Sunday Noise - Green Cows
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