System Overload
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Sam Whitelaw - System Overload

Rating: 4.7 Votes: 3
Artist: Sam Whitelaw
Title: System Overload
Label: Prognosis
Catalog: PGN027
Released: 17.11.2023
Type: Radioshow
Another release and another first release for an artist. We introduce Sam Whitelaw. Well for a first track this shows so much potential for the future. System Overload is a bright and beautiful track with a warm subby bass and bright pads. Some lovely top line action and an awesome like hook. Wonderful stuff! We welcome our friend Don Longton to Prognosis. Having released on tons of labels. He has a super original sound and his remixes are always original and varied. His remixes is like a chameleon shifting and changing throughout! Last up we welcome back Selsi to the label. His Congruence release for us was huge and his remix here... Also huge. Holding elements from the original while introducing some fantastic new melodic touches. Delightful.
[5:57] 1. Sam Whitelaw - System Overload
[8:00] 2. Sam Whitelaw - System Overload (Don Longton Remix)
[6:32] 3. Sam Whitelaw - System Overload (Selsi Remix)
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