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Namatjira - Kairos

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Artist: Namatjira
Title: Kairos
Catalog: LNA010
Released: 20.11.2023
Type: EP
Namatjira returns with a triumphant offering, delivering three tracks of absolute quality for our milestone 10th release. "Kairos" is a masterful composition where captivating grooves seamlessly intertwine with progressive, deep melodies, creating an exhilarating sonic journey. "Setonix," another melodic gem, promises to ignite dance floors with its hypnotic keys and emotive pads, casting a mesmerizing spell upon all who revel in its soundscape. Finally, "Massawa" boasts a tech-infused groove complemented by awe-inspiring synthesizers, taking listeners on a captivating ride through deep progressive organic house realms. Namatjira's musical craftsmanship is in a league of its own, making this release an essential addition to your collection.
[8:03] 1. Namatjira - Kairos
[7:00] 2. Namatjira - Setonix
[7:39] 3. Namatjira - Massawa
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