Away From You
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Bram VanK & Northern Project - Away From You

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Title: Away From You
Label: White Soho
Catalog: WHS141
Released: 17.11.2023
Type: EP
01. Away From You (original mix) - (3:16)
02. Away From You (extended mix) - (7:01)
03. Away From You (instrumental mix) - (7:01)

Rotterdam-based DJ/producer Bram VanK and Norwegian duo Northern Project make their Soho Music/White Soho imprint debut with their single entitled 'Away From You.' Featuring a solid progressive melody, stunning automation,fatty, twisted basslines, and an arrangement that leaves you pandering for more! This progressive single is truly geared to make shockwaves within dance club floors world-wide! Enjoy, Soho Music / 2023
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