Love You Like I Do
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Me & My Toothbrush - Love You Like I Do

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Title: Love You Like I Do
Catalog: ETR717BP
Released: 24.11.2023
Type: Single
The old chewed out toothbrush still does a good job when it comes to clean out little pieces of the Flo's filet from the Longhorn Steakhouse. The fanciest toothpick alive strikes back with yet another hot nu-disco jam. Nu disco is the genre that our friends from Me & My Toothbrush are best known and loved for. Their hot organic beats, full and rich bass lines and groovy guitar licks are widely known and supported by countless A-list DJs of the scene. The lasted track is again a perfect showcase of their musical abilities and will demonstrate what they are capable of when it comes to catchy and funky disco house tunes. LOVE YOU LIKE I DO is the perfect addition for your winter DJ-sets and funky Christmas playlists
[3:06] 01. Me & My Toothbrush - Love You Like I Do
[5:45] 02. Me & My Toothbrush - Love You Like I Do (Extended Mix)
[5:56] 03. Me & My Toothbrush - Love You Like I Do (Club Mix)

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