Above The Clouds
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York & Ava Silver - Above The Clouds

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Artist: York, Ava Silver
Title: Above The Clouds
Label: Armada Music
Catalog: ARMAS2662
Released: 12.01.2024
Type: Single
Building hype toward their upcoming album, German duo York link up with Dutch singer-songwriter Ava Silver for a truly transcendent single. Flaunting a flawless contrast between the raw bassline, the angelic vocals and sparkling melody, 'Above The Clouds' lifts listeners ever higher.
1. York feat. Ava Silver - Above The Clouds (Extended Mix) 5:21

8 Feb 2024 в 11:06
Трек напомнил Super8 & Tab периода их расцвета... В целом очень неплохо.
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