Underground Sound / Reality Isn't Real
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Eamonn Fevah & Lost Knowledge - Underground Sound / Reality Isn't Real

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Title: Underground Sound / Reality Isn't Real
Catalog: JOOF491
Released: 22.01.2024
Type: EP
Prepare for a journey to New Zealand as we introduce two exceptionally talented producers, Eamonn Fevah and Lost Knowledge. Eamonn Fevah has an extensive and storied history in the electronic underground scene, having run the legendary Fevah nights in London during the '90s. Lost Knowledge, too, boasts a notable track record of support from the A-list in the Trance world. Together, they form an unstoppable team. Their combined experience shines through in their latest release, offering two stunning deep chuggers that are tailor-made for specialist dance floors. 'Underground Sound' is a track that has already been road-tested and nurtured by label boss John 00 Fleming himself, receiving his seal of approval on numerous discerning dance floors. This release is a testament to the prowess of Eamonn Fevah and Lost Knowledge, as they craft music that transcends boundaries and ignites the spirit of the underground. Get ready for a sonic adventure that combines experience, innovation, and a deep love for the dance floor. Exclusively on JOOF Recordings, immerse yourself in the magic of 'Underground Sound' and witness the collaboration of two extraordinary talents that promise to leave a lasting impression.
1. Underground Sound (Original Mix) 07:25
2. Reality Isn't Real (Original Mix) 07:14
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