On My Skin
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Gutto Serta - On My Skin

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Artist: Gutto Serta
Title: On My Skin
Label: Bar 25 Music
Catalog: BAR25206
Released: 02.02.2024
Type: EP
Bar 25 Music presents 'On My Skin,' a new 5-track EP by Berlin-based musician and DJ Gutto Serta, featuring a remix by the dynamic duo Kimonos. Gutto Serta is a producer and DJ, who has been immersed in the world of music since childhood, developing a deep understanding of various musical instruments. His unique blend of organic and digital sounds creates a musical vision that resonates with the souls of his listeners. Over the past decade, Gutto has graced stages in his home country of Brazil, as well as in iconic cities like London and Ibiza. As a devoted lover of dance music, Gutto continually evolves his style, fusing elements of deep, techno, and minimal sub-genres into his music. Kimonos, a sought-after DJ duo from Los Angeles, have played at renowned venues worldwide, from New York to Tulum and Ibiza. Their music, a fusion of afro and melodic house, resonates with audiences, and they've shared stages with top global artists. Collaborating with leading producers and artists from across the globe, Kimonos have left their mark on festivals such as Coachella, Burning Man, Heart Festival Miami, and more. The EP's highlight is Kimonos' remix of Gutto's track, adding minimal and house elements for a dance floor vibe. 'On My Skin' promises an electrifying musical experience.
[5:27] 1. Gutto Serta, Bill Browne & Ren Ocean - On My Skin
[5:43] 2. Gutto Serta, Bill Browne & Ren Ocean - On My Skin (Kimonos Remix)
[5:23] 3. Gutto Serta - Uni Betta
[6:09] 4. Gutto Serta & Mashrik - The Odd Oud
[6:19] 5. Gutto Serta - Dual Saw

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