Indigo Sequence (Mercuroid Remix)
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Shadow Chronicles - Indigo Sequence (Mercuroid Remix)

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Title: Indigo Sequence (Mercuroid Remix)
Label: Expo Records
Catalog: EXP197
Released: 02.02.2024
Type: Single
We are proud to the present the first single from the upcoming Mercuroid album. This one is a cutting edge remix to the Shadow Chronicles Classic "Indigo Sequence" taken off his Debut album. "Indigo Sequence" undergoes a sonic trance-formation in Mercuroid's hands, emerging as a beautifully crafted remix that marries the atmospheric allure of Shadow Chronicles' creation with Mercuroid's signature touch. The result is a harmonious blend of great melodies and unbridled power that will resonate with both seasoned psytrance enthusiasts and newcomers alike.
01. Shadow Chronicles - Indigo Sequence (Mercuroid Remix) [08:37]

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