Feel It in My Soul
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Basslovers United & Andy Jay Powell - Feel It in My Soul

Rating: 4.5 Votes: 8
Title: Feel It in My Soul
Catalog: 4260203790092
Released: 02.02.2024
Type: Single
Fans of the electronic trance music scene, get ready to be blown away as "Basslovers United" makes a triumphant return with an exciting collaboration featuring the renowned artist "Andy Jay Powell." "Feel It In My Soul" is a track that hits the nail on the head in terms of capturing the essence of trance music, taking listeners on an immersive journey and the male vocals add an emotional depth that is sure to give listeners goosebumps, making this a true masterpiece of the trance genre.
1. Feel It in My Soul (Dub Extended Mix) 06:01
2. Feel It in My Soul (Instrumental Extended Mix) 06:01
3. Feel It in My Soul (Extended Mix) 06:15
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