Perspectives Around the World, Vol. 8
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VA - Perspectives Around the World, Vol. 8

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Artist: VA
Title: Perspectives Around the World, Vol. 8
Catalog: PSDI107
Released: 02.02.2024
Type: Compilation
Hitting the ground running at the start of 2024, Darin Epsilon's highly regarded label celebrates Volume 8 of its successful series "Perspectives Around the World". Opening the 5 track tour across 5 continents, Bound (AUS) are a Melbourne-based duo who began their musical journey together in 2019. Sharing a passion for Melodic Techno and Progressive House, a clutch of releases has quickly found success on the likes of Area Verde, UGENIUS, and Polyptych. Making their Perspectives Digital debut, "Awaken" is redolent in Bound's "deep driving basslines", as a chunky groove lays the foundation for an emotive lead line to make its presence felt, before a haunting vocal phrase is repeated in chanted pattern across the 6 minute piece. Building through the breakdown to a rousing zenith, "Awaken" then drops back into its powerful rhythmic undertone. Through a career that spans more than a decade, Cahen has seen considerable success through performances across his home of Bogotá. Through residencies at the city's PREL (part of the vast Theatron club), performances with Einmusik, D-Nox, and Cid Inc have elevated the Colombian's career. Now with his debut release on Perspectives, Cahen's production titled "Heaven's Messenger" is a deliciously understated offering that develops with ease. Through a dominant kick and subtle percussive hi-hats, a muted arpeggio comes to the fore with filtered intent and searing analog energy. Waxing and waning against sustained pads and a beautiful melancholy chord progression at the breakdown, the track develops effortlessly in the second half with a free-flowing synth lead against a backdrop of rhythmic poise. Randy Seidman is no stranger to Perspectives with his passion, versatility, and powerful sound. A seasoned performer alongside luminaries such as Infected Mushroom, Kaskade, Ferry Corsten, Orbital, and many more, the Los Angeles based artist has made his mark with a double century of credits spanning more than a decade. December 2020's "On It", written with Da Fresh and remixed by the iconic figures of D-Nox & Beckers, was a notable highlight for PD. Randy now returns after 3 years alongside Michael Ritter, a rising German artist with a host of international DJ appearances under his belt, and a flair for intricate grooves and delicate melodies via his work for Kitchen Recordings, Polyptych, and his own Grey Bar Hotel imprint. "Falling" is a pulsating dancefloor powerhouse that drives through its rolling bassline groove, arpeggios, and lead motif. The loquacious vocal line sung by Michael adds an ethereal touch at the stripped-back breakdown before the bassline dominance and thumping kick falls back into third movement. An artist with a nascent production career, VABU has been a regular across Hamburg's club scene for more than 5 years. As her renown grew, the rising German star found herself performing across her homeland as well as at the Habitat, Feel, and Pangea Festivals. First meeting at Berlin's Ritter Butzke in February 2023 while opening for Darin Epsilon, VABU now makes her triumphant debut almost a year later. Anchored by a pounding Techno beat and simple bassline groove, "Space Division" builds into a powerful melodic track. A filtered refrain gradually comes to the fore in commanding fashion as white-noise infused stabs provide percussive intent. A change of pace at the breakdown introduces subtle emotion through melodic counterpoint before the track rises and drops back into the club-friendly groove. Matching the rising intensity of earlier phrases, VABU has created a surefire dancefloor dynamo. The final track sees a trio of seasoned names take center stage. First making their appearance together in 2005 with "Noorderlicht", Dutch artists Yves Eaux and C-Jay have gone on to become highly respected names within the underground dance fraternity. With other 650 credits to his name over two decades, Yves Eaux is an internationally respected figure with performances across the globe and releases on Black Hole, Movement Recordings, and Balkan Connection. Similarly, C-Jay has found favor with his multi-layered sound on labels like John Digweed's Bedrock Records, Electronic Elements, Replug, and 2021's "Dormarch" with Stephane Gervais and LOM (AR) on Perspectives Digital. Joining together with Egyptian producer, Hassan Rassmy, who has also seen production success with his work on Suffused Music, Massive Harmony, and Manual Deep, "Spetter" is fueled by a crunchy bassline groove and strong beat. Smooth vocal phrasing adds a touch of class while a flowing wave of synth motifs make a splash across the midrange. Full of dynamic dancefloor character, snare rolls and white noise add to the piece, creating a potent and emotive track by this collaborative force.
[5:57] 1. Bound (AUS) - Awaken
[6:00] 2. CaHen - Heaven's Messenger
[5:21] 3. Randy Seidman & Michael Ritter - Falling
[6:54] 4. VABU - Space Division
[6:04] 5. C-Jay, Hassan Rassmy & Yves Eaux - Spetter

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