This Is a Safe Place
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Yestermorrow & Mngrm - This Is a Safe Place

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Artist: Yestermorrow, Mngrm
Title: This Is a Safe Place
Label: MWS Records
Catalog: MWS01
Released: 03.02.2024
Type: EP
Knowing Yestermorrow and MNGRM's distinctive sound designs, what would you expect from a massive collaboration between these two projects? If you answered, "mind-bending grooves that make you ponder how these guys achieved that," then you are absolutely correct! Speaking of getting there, the "This is a Safe Place EP" is a journey through the intricate nuances of psychedelic music. It aims to transport you to your inner space, your safe place. Enjoy the ride.
01. Yestermorrow & Mngrm - This Is a Safe Place (Original) [08:41]
02. Yestermorrow & Mngrm - Kite (Original) [07:44]
03.Yestermorrow & Mngrm - Oracle (Original) [06:36]

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