Keep on Dancing
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Fuzzy Boot - Keep on Dancing

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Artist: Fuzzy Boot
Title: Keep on Dancing
Catalog: EER446
Released: 06.02.2024
Type: Single
Presenting the latest single from United Kingdom-based artist Fuzzy Boot, under the renowned banner of Electric Eden Records. Titled "Keep On Dancing," this release delves into the realm of Progressive House, showcasing Fuzzy Boot's adeptness at crafting dynamic and rhythmic soundscapes. The track invites listeners to immerse themselves in its pulsating beats and let the music guide them on a dance-inducing journey. "Keep On Dancing" isn't just a single release; it encapsulates the essence of Electric Eden Records' commitment to pushing musical boundaries. Fuzzy Boot's contribution adds a vibrant chapter to the label's diverse collection. As the beats resonate, the single becomes a testament to the artist's skill in the Progressive House genre, promising an uplifting and energetic experience for the audience. Dive into the sonic world of Fuzzy Boot with "Keep On Dancing," and explore the extensive array of releases from Electric Eden Records. The label's homepage,, serves as a portal to a musical universe waiting to be discovered. Stay tuned for the official release, as Fuzzy Boot's single promises to keep the rhythm alive and the dance floor thriving.
01. Fuzzy Boot - Keep on Dancing (Original Mix) [03:34]

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