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Fran Martinez (AR) - Adictu'S

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Title: Adictu'S
Label: Future Avenue
Catalog: FA424
Released: 07.02.2024
Type: EP
The most recent release on Future Avenue marks the return of Fran Martinez from Argentina with his EP titled "Adictu'S," featuring three mesmerizing tracks. Following his label debut last year with his initial EP and a remarkable remix for Gaspar Aguilera & Manu Pavez, this release marks his third appearance on the label.
01. Fran Martinez (AR) - Adictu’S (Original Mix) [08:01]
02. Fran Martinez (AR) - Redencion (Original Mix) [08:25]
03. Fran Martinez (AR) - Ya No Duele Esa Mujer (Original Mix) [08:26]

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