The Last Tune
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Eliso & FantaZi - The Last Tune

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Artist: Eliso, FantaZi
Title: The Last Tune
Catalog: YSEDEP188
Released: 07.02.2024
Type: Single
In a heartfelt tribute to the soldier who tragically left us at the Nova party, Eliso & Fantazi present "The Last Tune," a track that touches the depths of the soul and celebrates the memory of a hero. This release represents more than music - it's an expression of honor, courage, and remembrance. "The Last Tune" is not just a psytrance track; it's a sonic tribute, a melody loaded with feelings and respect in memory of eliso, a reminder that each note, each beat, each moment of the track is a tribute to his courage and spirit.
01. Eliso & FantaZi - The Last Tune (Original Mix) [07:47]

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