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Marcel Vautier - Panorama

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Artist: Marcel Vautier
Title: Panorama
Catalog: ESH395
Released: 08.02.2024
Type: Single
We are delighted to welcome back Switzerland-based Marcel Vautier with a stunning new release here at Shores. This fantastic track intertwines compelling melodies with lovely arps and an elegant chord progression to create a melodic progressive beauty House Mix. In addition to the superb original, Marcel has also included a brilliant Trance mix, upping the energy and dynamism of this magnificent track. Returning with a glorious release here at Shores, this is Marcel Vautier and his excellent new track "Panorama".
01. Marcel Vautier - Panorama (Extended House Mix) [05:38]
02. Marcel Vautier - Panorama (Extended Trance Mix) [05:35]

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