100 Seconds to Midnight (Remixes)
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Boundless (Techno) - 100 Seconds to Midnight (Remixes)

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Title: 100 Seconds to Midnight (Remixes)
Label: IbogaTech
Catalog: IBOGATECH181
Released: 09.02.2024
Type: Album
Eight remarkable projects revisit the nuances of "100 Seconds to Midnight" and imprint their unique touch on Boundless' debut album. Jossie Telch's twisting beats, Solar Spectrum's alien modular synths, MNGRM's deep atmospheres, Code Therapy's catchy drives, Synesthetic's pumping dynamics, Handsdown & Leigh Boy's shaky build-ups, Umloud's neatly perfect music structure, and Methodic Spin's impressive swing touch weave a totally different approach to Boundless's tracks. Carefully selected with a focus on originality and technical skills, each track undergoes a new interpretation, revealing the story behind the inevitable warnings of the Doomsday Clock. Multicultural, eclectic, groovy, and introspective—these are just a few of the numerous adjectives that can be used to describe this album. However, only music can perfectly translate it. That's why you should listen!
[7:25] 1. Boundless (Techno) - Subliminal Villages (Jossie Telch Remix)
[6:17] 2. Boundless (Techno) & Synesthetic - Contrast (Solar Spectrum Remix)
[8:08] 3. Boundless (Techno) - Modern Miracle (MNGRM Remix)
[7:49] 4. Boundless (Techno) - That's All About (Code Therapy Remix)
[7:51] 5. Boundless (Techno) - 100 Seconds to Midnight (Umloud Remix)
[6:08] 6. Boundless (Techno), Luis M & Fernanda Pistelli - Out of the Box (Handsdown & Leigh Boy Remix)
[7:30] 7. Boundless (Techno) - Liquid Earth (Synesthetic Remix)
[8:27] 8. Boundless (Techno) & Cura - Outer World (Methodic Spin Remix)

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