Waiting For The Sun (Club Mix)
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Mira Nait & Riigs & Paul Hazendonk - Waiting For The Sun (Club Mix)

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Title: Waiting For The Sun (Club Mix)
Label: Manual Music
Catalog: MAN408DJ
Released: 09.02.2024
Type: Single
An exciting combination of artists here as Mira Nait, Riigs and Paul Hazendonk have teamed up resulting in a truly unique and stand out single 'Waiting For The Sun'. Dark and melancholic, yet uplifting and infectious, and both 'radio' / 'streaming' friendly- as well as club friendly, 'Waiting For The Sun' has all the ingredients to become one of those tracks that will stand the test of time. A classy cut by artists who, between them, have seen their music released on labels such as Purified, Get Physical, Diynamic and Toolroom to name a few.
[5:31] 1. Mira Nait, Riigs, Paul Hazendonk - Waiting For The Sun (Club Mix)
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