Blurred Traces
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Deep In Calm - Blurred Traces

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Artist: Deep In Calm
Title: Blurred Traces
Label: Spring Tube
Catalog: SPR370
Released: 09.02.2024
Type: EP
Spring Tube's 370th outing sees a brand new EP by the prominent Polish producer Marcin Piasecki aka Deep In Calm [Traum / Pesto / JOOF / Stripped / Mistique / Soundteller / Electronic Tree]. The release includes Marcin's three fresh indie dance / nu-disco tracks - "Blurred Traces", "Soul Control" and "Mind Structures". A creative, melodic and soulful sounds by Deep In Calm here for you
[5:39] 1. Deep In Calm - Blurred Traces (Original Mix)
[7:09] 2. Deep In Calm - Soul Control (Original Mix)
[7:05] 3. Deep In Calm - Mind Structures (Original Mix)
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