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Aurelien Stireg - Arwah

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Artist: Aurelien Stireg
Title: Arwah
Catalog: BP11732024
Released: 09.02.2024
Type: EP
Aurelien Stireg makes a welcome return to Bonzai Progressive with his latest creation, the mesmerizing 'Arwah'. Aurelien once again demonstrates his prowess in electronic music. With a rich history as both a DJ and producer, he boasts an extensive discography across various labels, receiving widespread acclaim from top DJs globally. Beyond his musical pursuits, Aurelien is a highly successful web designer, renowned for crafting apps that resonate worldwide. It's always a having him at BP. 'Arwah' opens the release, luring us into a spiritual arena with haunting voices and chilling sounds. A heavy kick drum drives the groove as a deep, gritty bassline fades up, accompanied by cinematic FX and a dark atmosphere. The darker elements dominate the sound, complimenting the progressive groove beautifully. A monster of a track that captivates, making it a definite must have. 'Sahara' rounds out the release, taking us on an epic journey into the deeper echelons of progressive house. Punchy kicks and shuffling percussions lay the foundation while a mesmerizing pad floats overhead against a deep, droning bass background. Infectious plucks etch out a haunting melody alongside those ethereal pads that takes us down the rabbit hole for the duration. An absolute stomper that will not disappoint.
1. Aurelien Stireg - Arwah 07:10
2. Aurelien Stireg - Sahara 05:28
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