Denali / Hécate / Shalom / Foraker
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Benja Molina - Denali / Hécate / Shalom / Foraker

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Artist: Benja Molina
Title: Denali / Hécate / Shalom / Foraker
Label: Univack
Catalog: UV204
Released: 09.02.2024
Type: EP
Denali / Hécate, Shalom, Foraker' is the four-original-track EP by the experienced Spanish DJ & producer BENJA MOLINA, in his first release on Univack. Benja Molina has been involved in the electronic club music scene for more than two decades, developing a very personal and genuine style during these year. His main music style is Progressive House, with a lot of melodic elements and layers, and characterized by strong and solid percussions, ethereal atmospheres and pads, hypnotic sequences and many resources from other genres like Techno. Feedbacks & Support: Hernan Cattaneo, Paul Thomas, Nicolas Rada, Marco Carola, MUUI, Dj Ruby, Newman (I Love), Analog Jungs, BLANCAh, Brett Johnson, James Monro, Ruben Karapetyan, Integral Bread, Wierd Sounding Dude, Lonya, Mayro, Cream, Ilias Katelanos, Dowden, Ziger, K Loveski, N-tchbl, Nathalie Henriette, Ric Niels, Sampleking, Minnado, Redspace, Priya Sen, Fonarev... Mastered by Integral Bread
[7:29] 1. Benja Molina - Denali
[7:51] 2. Benja Molina - Hécate
[7:25] 3. Benja Molina - Shalom
[6:52] 4. Benja Molina - Foraker
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