Surrender to Me
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Tom Cordes & Artur Achziger - Surrender to Me

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Title: Surrender to Me
Catalog: DROP060
Released: 09.02.2024
Type: EP
Genre: Electronic, Techno
Tom Cordes is back on Jaw Dropping Records, this time with his EP, "Surrender To Me," featuring a standout single from Artur Achziger. This four-track masterpiece combines Cordes innovative techno vibes with Achziger's pulsating beats and mesmerizing rhythms. Adding to the excitement, the EP includes a remix by Domek, further elevating the sonic experience.
[6:32] 1. Tom Cordes - Surrender to Me
[6:17] 2. Artur Achziger - Supernova
[6:26] 3. Tom Cordes - The Gathering
[6:55] 4. Tom Cordes - The Gathering (Domek Remix)
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