Flying Buttress
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Sabretooth - Flying Buttress

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Artist: Sabretooth
Title: Flying Buttress
Catalog: MOM02402
Released: 09.02.2024
Type: EP
In the twilight zone of creativity where dreams sculpt reality, Sabretooth summoned a fusion of tech trance power and psytrance euphoria. "Flying Buttress," born from a revelation, stands as an architectural marvel in sound—each beat a cornerstone in its towering presence. Within Music Over Matter's GAS phase, it spirals upward, promising transcendence. Aboard this odyssey, Mexican artist Knock Out remixes, amplifying the journey with his vibrant, high-energy sequences. This psychedelic voyage, tailored with Knock Out's artistry, elevates "Flying Buttress" to a cosmic dance within the GAS phase's sonic nebula. Experience the track anew—where Sabretooth's dreams and Music Over Matter's sci-fi vision merge into a singular, soaring experience.
01. Sabretooth - Flying Buttress (Original Mix) [06:17]
02. Sabretooth - Flying Buttress (Knock Out Remix) [07:09]

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