Ocean EP
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Arag & Mule (ARG) - Ocean EP

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Artist: Arag, Mule (ARG)
Title: Ocean EP
Catalog: KSR043DJ
Released: 09.02.2024
Type: EP
Arag and Mule (Arg) convey the Ocean EP with three notable organic house records, 'Ocean', 'Pink Rose' and 'Lavta' all showcase the warm groovy sounds of Argentina. With lots of live instruments like the guitar and drums and unique added vocal hooks they make the listener dive into the serene depths of organic house, crafting an immersive EP with a tranquil atmosphere reminiscent of oceanic depths offering a soothing escape into a musical seascape that lingers in the mind long after the last note fades.
[6:15] 1. Arag & Mule (ARG) - Ocean (Original Mix)
[7:17] 2. Arag & Mule (ARG) - Pink Rose (Original Mix)
[6:46] 3. Arag & Mule (ARG) - Lavta (Original Mix)
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