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UNWA - Kama

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Artist: UNWA
Title: Kama
Label: AH Digital
Catalog: AHD371
Released: 13.02.2024
Type: EP
UNWA's latest release on AH Digital, titled "Kama," is a compelling EP that unfolds a sonic journey through emotive landscapes and entrancing beats. "Kama" envelops listeners in a mesmerizing atmosphere, characterized by its intricate synth work and evocative melodies. The track's ethereal soundscapes create a sense of introspection, inviting the audience to lose themselves in the music's immersive layers. UNWA's meticulous attention to detail is apparent in the careful crafting of each sonic element, resulting in a rich and textured composition. Complementing the title track is the second offering, "Sanctuary" exploring a different emotive palette, with its own set of mesmerizing melodies and rhythmic intricacies. The track takes the listener on a sonic journey, offering a sense of refuge within its carefully sculpted soundscapes.
01. UNWA - Kama (Original Mix) [07:57]
02. UNWA - Sanctuary (Original Mix) [07:26]

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