In The Beginning
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Serious Dancers - In The Beginning

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Artist: Serious Dancers
Title: In The Beginning
Label: Univack
Catalog: UV205
Released: 16.02.2024
Type: EP
Univack presents 'In The Beginning', a two-track EP with an original by the Greek duo SERIOUS DANCERS, plus a remix by the Argentinian HERNAN CATTANEO & Chilean SIMPLY CITY. Serious Dancers return to Univack one year after their successful first release on this label, titled 'Sabase Pahale'. Serious Dancers are ones of the most representative names in the Organic House music scene nowadays. This time they show a track closer to Progressive House, but still loyal to their particular style, characterized by solid beats, hypnotic and evocative melodies, and cinematic elements. The EP is completed by the awesome remix from the most representative DJ in the worldwide Progressive House scene for the last two decades, el maestro Hernan Cattaneo, in collaboration with the also experienced DJ & producer Simply City. This remix is the second release of both artists on Univack, and another evidence of their perfect symbiosis when they make music together. Feedbacks & Support: Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J, Anthony Pappa, Chicola, Paul Thomas, Ezequiel Arias, Dj Ruby, Nicolas Rada, Steve Parry, Fernando Ferreyra, James Monro, Michel De Hey, Marco Carola, Rauschhaus, MUUI, Integral Bread, Juan Deminicis, Newman (I Love), Brett Johnson, Matias Chilano, Florian Gasperini, Ruben Karapetyan, Ilias Katelanos, Simos Tagias, Lonya, Mayro, Graziano Raffa, Ewan Rill, Analog Jungs, Cosmonaut, Wierd Sounding Dude, K Loveski, Dowden, Cream, Ric Niels, Nathalie Henriette, Juan Pablo Torrez, Rafa'EL, Nick Varon, NuFects, Danny Lloyd... Mastered by Integral Bread
[7:54] 1. Serious Dancers - In The Beginning
[8:58] 2. Serious Dancers - In The Beginning (Hernan Cattaneo & Simply City Remix)

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El maestro remix of course, thanks a lot.
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