Permanent Maker
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Linear System - Permanent Maker

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Artist: Linear System
Title: Permanent Maker
Label: Gordo Trax
Catalog: GTX 018
Released: 23.05.2024
Type: EP
01. Versatile - (4:49)
02. Permanent Marker - (7:03)
03. Quantum Field Theory - (6:49)
04. Positron - (6:56)
05. Electronic Motion - (6:13)
06. Permanent Marker (Atisbo remix) - (6:14)

Do androids dream of electric sheep?
Possibly not. If they’re anything like us, they barely sleep at all. Lucky for us, Linear System has concocted the perfect combination of tracks to soundtrack these midnight wormholes. 5 tracks that navigate the realms of dark, brooding Techno, aided by resonant textures, chirping foley and ultimately a cavernous groove administered with surgical precision.
This release wouldn’t be complete without Atisbo’s take on “Permanent Marker”. Our young resident crafts a remix comprised of broken techno that sounds like plastic melting under the hot martian sun, with solvent fumes emanating in clouds of sonic swathe. If, much like us, you’re on the lookout for music that feels like the walls are closing in on you, with every pulse rumbling through a building's foundations, GTX18 is for you, replicant.

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