Drawn To You (Sun Decade Remix)
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Somna - Drawn To You (Sun Decade Remix)

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Artist: Somna
Title: Drawn To You (Sun Decade Remix)
Label: AVA White
Catalog: AVAW332
Released: 31.05.2024
Type: Single
Sun Decade, the collaborative project of Ronski Speed and DJ T.H., breathes new life into Somna's Drawn To You, with their latest remix. This powerful uplifting trance rendition transcends the original, infusing it with pulsating energy and euphoric melodies that are sure to ignite dancefloors worldwide. Ronski Speed and DJ T.H.'s remix of Drawn To You stands as a testament to their prowess in crafting emotive and electrifying trance anthems, leaving listeners spellbound with its soaring harmonies and infectious rhythm.
1. Drawn To You (Ronski Speed & DJ T.H. pres. Sun Decade Remix) (03:35)
2. Drawn To You (Ronski Speed & DJ T.H. pres. Sun Decade Extended Remix) (06:01)
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