Mundo Sonoro
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Mirage Of Deep - Mundo Sonoro

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Artist: Mirage Of Deep
Title: Mundo Sonoro
Catalog: LGM434
Released: 31.05.2024
Type: Album
1. Mundo Sonoro 05:51
2. Feelings Of Freedom 06:26
3. Welcome Mr. Schumann 07:23
4. Is This A Dream 05:48
5. Little Things 06:10
6. Vitalis Status 05:40
7. Mundo Sonoro (Redux) 04:12

Immerse yourself in a world of sensations and emotions with the long-awaited release of Mirage Of Deep’s new album. With great mastery, the talented music producer Nacho Ferrer from Alicante, Spain has created a completely new sound universe, designed to captivate and transport the listener to unexplored places. On this album, titled “Mundo Sonoro”, Mirage Of Deep delights us with an eclectic mix of enveloping melodies and hypnotic atmospheres. Each track is like a blank canvas, waiting to be filled with unique soundscapes that conjure images of vast ocean expanses, mysterious enchanted forests and exotic cityscapes.
Mirage Of Deep’s ability to create captivating atmospheres is evident in every song. From the gentle whispers of waves on “Feelings Of Freedom” to the pulsating, energetic rhythms of “Welcome Mr. Schumann,” each track is meticulously crafted to take the listener on an emotional and sensory journey.

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