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Arden Lux - Tunda

Rating: 3.8 Votes: 4
Artist: Arden Lux
Title: Tunda
Catalog: SUBSIST239D
Released: 31.05.2024
Type: Album
1.Miphphph 04:00
2.TC.IV 03:33
3.Rembam V2 03:58
4.Tilt (WH) 07:18
5.Hopn 04:11
6.Nurrum 03:34
7.Mutabor 04:09
8.Intravenosa 04:24
9.N4 04:53

Spanish duo Arden Lux premieres on Subsist with TUNDA, an album in which they fuse an industrial sound with techno ideas and language. Driven by exploration, TUNDA opens up as a dense work from the first second, always drowned in a rough and dark atmosphere, but leaving room for rhythmic based songs like "TC.IV" or "Nurrum", or more bright and luminous moments, like "Hopn". Arden Lux is an experimental techno duo established in 2022 in Vigo, Spain. TUNDA is their first published work, released on Subsist in 2024. Artwork by Furuya Korin Mastering at Magic Studio

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