Lihuen EP
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Mike Duz - Lihuen EP

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Artist: Mike Duz
Title: Lihuen EP
Catalog: WRR037
Released: 14.02.2012
Type: EP
The young frenchman Mike Duz is back! This time it's another three track EP called "Lihuen".

The title track gets to start off this amazing journey and all we need to say is wait paitently for the break..
Second up is "Progeny" which slides over to the dark side and hits you hard in the face!
"Serio" is even more darker than the previous two and has its charm being just that!

As we mentioned last time, Mike is here to stay!

1. Lihuen (Original Mix)
2. Progeny (Original Mix)
3. Serio (Original Mix)
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