Voices In My Head / Flashing Lights
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Steve Aoki & Bassjackers & Teddy Bee - Voices In My Head / Flashing Lights

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Title: Voices In My Head / Flashing Lights
Catalog: DM1631
Released: 31.05.2024
Type: EP
1. Bassjackers & Steve Aoki – Voices In My Head (ft. Teddy Bee) [Extended Mix] (03:43)
2. Bassjackers & Steve Aoki – Flashing Lights [Extended Mix] (05:01)

Steve Aoki and Bassjackers unleash a powerhouse collaboration with their double single, "Voices in My Head" and "Flashing Lights." This high-energy pairing crafts the perfect anthems with pulsating rhythms and soaring synths designed to resonate with fans worldwide. With intense beats and electrifying drops, this release promises to energize crowds and dominate the festival scene all summer.

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