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Mima - Sweet

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Artist: Mima
Title: Sweet
Label: Sirup Music
Catalog: SIR1722X
Released: 14.06.2024
Type: Single
Genre: Electronic, House
1. Mima – Sweet [Extended Mix] (03:56)
2. Mima – Sweet (03:12)
3. Mima – Sweet [Extended Dub Mix] (03:56)
4. Mima – Sweet [Dub Mix] (03:12)

Mima, the talented producer duo known for their dynamic range in Pop, House, Future House, and Future Bass, delivers a chill summer anthem with this latest track. "Sweet" features captivating vocals and a moving bassline, creating a perfect blend of relaxation and rhythm. Following the success of hits like "Oasis" and "Can We Do Better," this track is set to resonate with both casual listeners and music enthusiasts, solidifying Mima's place in the electronic music scene.

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